We don’t know if it’s due to the popularity of the book, or if it’s just coincidence, but we’ve seen an uptick of orders for our 3DL color Northern Gray.  Designers love this color because it’s so versatile.  Pair it with White Gloss thermofoil and clean lines for a contemporary look.  Or, pair it with Carrera marble countertops for a formal, classic look.  Northern Gray is also great for healthcare projects, such as nursing homes and hospitals because it is durable and gray tends to hide everyday wear and tear in these high traffic areas.

Northern Gray Board Matches:

  • Tafisa L302 Summer Drops
  • Panolam S548 Custom Grey

If you’re interested in another shade of gray, our thermofoil color Aluminum might fit the bill.

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but our Aluminum has a slight grain which makes it comparable to stainless steel.  It looks superb paired with another thermofoil color we talked about in a recent post: Rosewood.  The Rosewood brings warmth to the Aluminum.

Aluminum Board Matches:

  • Tafisa L474 Brushed Aluminum
  • Panolam A60 Negotiating in Geneva

Yet another shade of gray in our stock 3DL line is Milano.  See our blog post about milano here: www.jbcutting.com/see-the-world-through-rosewood-colored-glasses/

Milano Board Matches:

  • Stevens Nora Creek Oak
  • Flakeboard WF344 Queenston Oak
  • Panolam W155 Trytoo Savatre

As we have stated before, it is recommended to have the customer’s approval on matches before going forward with your project.  Check out all of our colors available at www.jbcutting.com