JB Cutting recently added a Cad Room/Engineering Office in Milk Chocolate 3DL!  In the above picture, one of our engineering employees, Tony Molinari, is hard at work on a design project.  This room is located in the building next door where we have expanded our operations to include a new Homag Router (coming soon).


Here is a closer look at one of the banks of drawers underneath the counter.  As you can see, the Milk Chocolate 3DL really pops against the JBC green walls.  You’d never know it, but the back of this end panel is in Chocolate Pear melamine!  See below for an even closer look.


The Chocolate Pear back/melamine (TFL) meshes extremely well with the Milk Chocolate thermofoil.  We do have matching backs for the rest of the Chocolate Series (Dark Chocolate and White Cocoa).  Remember, JBC is running a fall special on the Chocolate Series (priced the same as Snow & White).  See this recent blog post for details (insert blog post).

We’re ready to help you design/engineer your next project!  Please give us a call 586.468.4765 or email