Individuals matter

While JB Cutting has grown substantially since our start, we still believe that it is important to maintain that same small company-feel that our customers have come to know and appreciate. Even though the organizations that we have partnerships with today range in size, we still recognize that the individuals within these companies are the ones who truly rely on us. And often times, their individual successes are directly impacted by our performance.

People make the difference

We employ a team of individuals who share our customer focus. Together our staff members provide sensible options within our processes that allow our customers to make choices. We eliminate unnecessary steps that delay projects and just add additional work for our customers. We meet and understand the critical deadlines that our customers experience. We assume responsibility and make promises that can be counted on.

Partnerships and the big picture

Most importantly, we deliver quality products that truly add value and strengthen the organizations that we service. At JB Cutting, we embrace the reality that our customers’ successes lead directly to our success. We also recognize and value the partnerships that we have with our many suppliers and affiliates throughout our industry. It is through these highly valuable relationships and commitments that JB Cutting has been able to continue to lunge toward our vision.