Is it hot enough for ya?


This past week has seen record breaking high temperatures for the Metro Detroit Area.  We thought we’d show you how we beat the heat here at JB Cutting.


Fans, fans, fans!  This is just one of the many fans we have around the shop.


Super cool sweat bands! Our employees stick these headbands in the freezer before wearing them.  Not only do they wick away sweat, they help keep them a little cooler throughout the day.


Stay hydrated.  This photo speaks for itself; staying hydrated is the key to surviving this incredibly hot weather.

Tips to Beat the Heat:

  • Use multiple fans to promote air circulation.
  • Apply wet towels and bandannas to the shoulders and head for a cooling effect.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine.
  • Stay hydrated with sports drinks and water.
  • Don’t eat large protein rich meals which can elevate your metabolism and body temp.

Let us know how you beat the heat!  We’d be interested in hearing how the rest of the woodworking industry copes during these trying times.