Panel saw application

JBC is equipped with a full line of panel processing equipment. The process often starts at a fully automatic rear load panel saw capable of cutting 5’x12’ sheet stock. Sheets can be stacked to a maximum of 4”. Parts are labeled and off loaded with the help of an automatic lift.

Holzma Panel Saw

Router application

The process may also start at our dual table Heian Router with a 5’x16’ maximum sheet size and 6” maximum machining height. Our router is also equipped with a 2 position tool changer holding a total of 24 tools along with X and Y drilling blocks.  Or, either one of our Homag CNC machines may kick off the process.

From the saw or routers, these parts travel to one of two pod and rail machining centers or to either of our dowel insertion machines. The process typically finishes up at the edgebander which will edge up to a 2” thick panel using pvc, wood or laminate edging in varying thicknesses from .018” to 3mm.

Substrate capabilities include particleboard, MDF, hardboard, HDF (High Density Fiberboard) and plywood.

Homag Vantage CNC

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