Feeling the winter blues?  Change your latitude with the new Latitudes 3DL (thermofoil) Series now available at JB Cutting.  We’ve recently obtained access to these colors through one of our thermofoil suppliers, Dackor.  These are highly textured colors ranging from a gray lined white (Latitude North), to a gray lined black (Latitude West).  The midtones (Latitude East and South), are also extraordinary; the texture and grain look superb!  Paired with a bold accent color (see above picture), these colors bring a striking balance to your designs.  Try the Latitudes Series in a healthcare, retail, or hotel environment.  As stated in our previous blog, Top Ten Reasons to use Thermofoil, using thermofoil in one of these applications gives you the benefit of seamless edges, unique shapes, and unparalled durability.   A larger version of these colors is available at  Let us know which Latitude your compass points you to!

Latitude North Board Match:

  • Tafisa L530 Latitude North

Latitude East Board Match:

  • Tafisa L533 Latitude East

Latitude South Board Match:

  • Tafisa L531 Latitude South

Latitude West Board Match:

  • Tafisa L532 Latitude West

If you love textured thermofoil, we also offer matches to the Tafisa Season Series: (Summer Breeze L540, Winter Cherry L541, Spring Blossom L543, and Autumn Leaves L542 .  See them on our Colors Available page.