Have you seen the new Driftwood 3DL Series?  Designs inspired by nature are all the rage right now and these colors are no exception.  This 3DL (thermofoil) is textured, but not as much as some of the recent additions to our line (including the Seasons Series of Summer Breeze, Winter Cherry, Autumn Leaves and Spring Blossom).  The Driftwood Series focuses on grey-toned neutrals found along the water’s edge.  The versatility of this series is remarkable.  Not only do they pair well with other neutrals, you could pair them with a strong, dark color to bring out certain striations of grey or dark brown. Using one of these colors inspired by Mother Nature will add serenity to even the busiest environments.


Guildwood Board Match: Flakeboard WF369 Guildwood


Coastwood Board Match: Flakeboard WF356 Driftwood


Driftwood Board Match: Flakeboard WF357 Sandalwood

At the moment, JB Cutting is stocking Driftwood (match to WF357 Sandalwood), but the Coastwood and the Guildwood are coming soon!  All of our colors can be easily viewed on our Order Page under the Colors Available section.  Please click on them to view a larger version.  As always, we recommend viewing an actual sample swatch before making your final decision. The page is available here https://jbcutting.com/order/colors-available/.