Three representatives from our company attended the Executive Briefing Conference April 14th – 16th at the Q Center in St. Charles, IL hosted by Stiles Machinery.  After a welcome reception Sunday, the opening keynote by Robert Tucker, “Driving Growth through Innovation,” began.  Robert Tucker is a leader in the field of innovation and he took us on a guided tour through some of the most creative and ingenious companies worldwide.  This keynote kick started 2 days of intensive business strategy and interactive sessions about innovation in your business.  We also had the opportunity to take two plant tours, Fabric Images (a supplier for fabricating and printing on tensioned fabric for any application you can think of) and FONA (Flavorings of North America), one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world.  Both companies are pioneers in innovation: Fabric Images in their “one-stop-shop” facility and engineering and FONA for their forward thinking culture and maintenance of core values throughout their workforce.  The whirlwind two days wrapped up with a closing keynote address from Alan Beaulieu from ITR Economics, one of the most entertaining and engaging speakers we’ve ever heard!  If you’re thinking about attending the next EBC April 6-8, 2014, we’d highly recommend the experience!


Our next stop was downtown Chicago for Global Shop at the McCormick Center.  Global Shop is an annual event geared towards retail design.  JB Cutting was displaying as part of the Material Intelligence Pavilion along with several industry experts on materials.  The Pavilion is a terrific spot to educate designers on the latest and greatest materials and which application is best suited for each material.  The near record rainfall Chicago experienced did not deter designers but did hamper our drive home!

We’re looking forward to next year’s Global Shop and thanks to Material Intelligence for all they do for our industry.