JB Cutting is excited to announce the latest addition to our stock matching back program: Tafisa’s L494 Dark Chocolate!  Almost every day a customer asks, “What 3DL colors are available with a matching TFL back without a significant upcharge?” The answer: JB Cutting stocks 18 different matching TFL back colors; the combinations are abundant.

Almond (matches Almond Matte 3DL)

Aluminum (matches Aluminum 3DL)

Black (matches Jet Black and Black Matte 3DL)

Candlelight (matches Candle Glow and Desert Glow 3DL)

Chocolate Pear (matches Chocolate Pear and Sable Glow 3DL)

Cognac (matches Cognac 3DL)

Dark Chocolate (matches Dark Chocolate 3DL)

Hayward (matches Hayward Cherry and Wilson Cherry 3DL)

Hardrock Maple (matches Hardrock Maple and American Natural 3DL)

Ivory (matches Antique White and Soft Ivory 3DL)

Mahogany (matches Mahogany Impression 3DL)

Milano (matches Milano 3DL)

Port Maple (matches Port Maple 3DL)

Rustic (matches Rustic Cherry 3DL)

Talas (matches Talas Cherry 3DL)

White (matches Snow, Frosty White and White 3DL)

White Cocoa (matches White Cocoa 3DL)

And, of course, we offer Raw MDF backs as well.  When you need a matching back and we don’t have the same TFL (thermally fused laminate), we use the Raw MDF and press both the front and the back with the 3DL color specified.  However, pressing both the front and the back comes with a significant upcharge.  The Dark Chocolate, Hayward and White Cocoa are the newest additions which JB Cutting has brought on in order to offer our customers a wider variety of options while keeping the costs as low as possible.  If you need a sample or have questions on which 3DL to pair with a stock TFL board color, please call us (586) 468-4765 or email doororders@jbcutting.com!

TFL Board Colors