We recently visited one of our customers in the New Orleans area, Louisiana Custom Closets.  LCC is owned by husband and wife duo, Don and Ann Wise.  They’ve been a long term customer and we’ve been itching to take a trip down to see them ever since their first order back in 2006!

don shoecloset

We flew into Louis Armstrong Airport last Friday afternoon.  After a quick stop to pick up our rental car, we found ourselves driving over Lake Ponchartrain on a long causeway during a downpour!  As we pulled up to LCC, the rain seemed to subside.  After showing Don and Ann our new molding offerings, Don took us on a quick tour of his shop.  While on the tour, FedEx Freight pulled up with a shipment from JB Cutting.  Due to the heavy rainfall in the area that day, there was some water inside the crate. Fortunately only one part needed to be remade and we were there to get the remake going ASAP!  Don stocks standard size drawer fronts in several colors, so he always has a few extra parts around just in case.  Once the tour concluded, we sat down and started talking about new colors and about how textured 3DL (thermofoil) is trending right now.  Don also showed us some photos of completed closets – AMAZING!  Check out the above photo – shoe storage extraordinaire!  As we were talking, some weather started moving in, so we had to get back over to New Orleans before the Causeway closed.  As far as we are concerned, the visit was way too short and we can’t wait to see Don and Ann again soon!  A great big thanks to Don and Ann for their hospitality and continued partnership.  If you’d like to see more from LCC, visit them at  Are you interested in being featured in one of our blog posts?  Give us a call 586.468.4765 or contact us through the usual social media sites and we’ll make a date!