Good marketing is one of the keys of a successful business.  No matter how excellent your products and services are, if no one knows about them your products will gather dust and your services will go unused.  You can go crazy updating every social media outlet available and spending thousands of dollars in print ads, a website, online ads, postcards and attending trade shows.  Then there’s the time you’ll spend networking, blogging and undertaking speaking engagements.  Not to mention Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Keywords.  You may start to ask yourself… “What did I get myself into?”

Here at JB Cutting, we’ve tried to break down our strategy into smaller, more manageable goals:

  • Maintain a print ad presence in trade publications.
  • Maintain an electronic ad presence on relevant trade websites.
  • Blog every Friday on our updated website using software to optimize for SEO automatically.
  • Post status updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Promote JB Cutting on (Thanks to the Mayor of Hardware, read his blog on social media marketing here.
  • Network smarter, not harder.

We plan on informing and educating consumers in order to build brand recognition and set us apart from our competition.  Not only will our company benefit, our customers will benefit because they will be more informed about our products and will be better able to sell them.

During the upcoming year, we’ll keep you posted on our progress, through one of the social networks of course!   Be sure to “like” JB Cutting on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Check back with us to see how we’re taming the “marketing monster.”