Screeeeechhhh (squeal of air brakes) honk, honk, cloud of black smoke and the smell of diesel fuel – what do you get?  A freight company pulling up to your back door with another shipment of 3d laminate component parts from JB Cutting…

One of the most important parts of profitability is how you get your finished goods to your customers.  Small package carriers (FedEx ground, UPS ground) do accept packages over 60 pounds, but it’s not recommended to ship a package that heavy via parcel post.  Employing a large semi to deliver all over the country is simply not economically feasible.  Many companies, like JB Cutting, use less than truckload (LTL) shipping.

When we use LTL shipping, the carrier requires a way of determining what they are transporting.  They call this the “Class.”  Thermofoil doors, drawer fronts and components leaving our facility are always shipped at a class 70. This class is termed a “finished” good.  Why not class 50, unfinished good, you might ask?  The reason behind the classification is that, although they are not a completed product such as a kitchen cabinet or closet, they are not a raw material when they leave our facility.  We have machined and processed the raw material into a completed part.

We at JB Cutting do everything we can to ensure a package, box or crate leaves our facility well packed. Over the years, we’ve performed various tests in order to understand how our freight and packaging functions once it leaves our facility. We’ve also tried different packaging materials, weighing the cost of the materials versus performance.

On the rare occasion your thermofoil component parts arrive damaged, keep in mind we’re working for you to minimize damage and maximize profits!