Recently, it seems like many products are featuring a “rose” theme, from watches in rose gold to iPhones with rosewood cases.  As an addition to our standard thermofoil color line, rosewood adds warmth and vibrancy.

Rosewood Board Matches:

  • Stevens Western Red Cedar
  • Flakeboard WF121 Burma Cherry
  • Panolam W234 Iwantoo Savatre

In other color related news, we have acquired board matches to Milano and Talas Cherry foil.  This is great news for our customers, as we can now feature matching backs without the upcharge to press both the front and the backs of parts.

Talas Cherry Board Matches:

  • Stevens Roman Walnut
  • Flakeboard WF310 Talas Cherry
  • Panolam W200 Aimtoo Savatre

Milano Board Matches:

  • Stevens Nora Creek Oak
  • Flakeboard WF 344 Queenston Oak
  • Panolam W155 Trytoo Savatre

Lastly, Antique Whitewash has been discontinued.  Take a look at another relatively new color for us – White Cocoa.

White Cocoa Board Matches:

  • Tafisa L492 White Chocolate

Going back to our last blog about starting your project off right, it is recommended to have customer approval on matches before going forward.

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