During a team meeting yesterday, we decided that in addition to the quality and quick turnaround of our 3DL components, the main reason customers keep returning to JB Cutting is because SERVICE SELLS!  It’s the lifeblood of our business.  No matter how many promotions we’ve offered or prices we’ve slashed, the repeat business we receive really shows how happy customers are with our service.  We’re not the biggest guys out there, but, as a smaller company we are very nimble and personalized. If you need smaller orders, parts rushed or are looking for matches you can’t find elsewhere, we can help!  We endeavor to keep our customers happy.  When they come away satisfied and pleased, they can spread the word and become advocates for our business.  In essence, we want to become your professional partner.  After we came to this conclusion, we drew up some strategic bullet points to emphasize how important service is to our company:

  • Our phones will always be answered by a real person and with a smile.
  • We will be reliable – we won’t make promises we can’t keep.  The expected ship date on your order will be met.  We will think before we promise because we know nothing annoys customers more than a broken promise.
  • We will listen to you.  What is more frustrating than stating your problem and realizing you have to restate it because your rep wasn’t listening to you?  In addition, we will demonstrate our listening ability by responding appropriately with the best solution to your problem, calling on our entire team if necessary to figure out this solution.
  • Be helpful – even when we’re not selling a service or product.  Do you need to information on a board, laminate, or edge banding match?  Even though we don’t sell those products, we’ve got a list and can help you find what you’re seeking.
  • Always go the extra step with our customers.  We’ll take the time to go that extra mile for you.  After all, without customers, where would we be?

We hope you’ve found our “service manifesto” thought provoking.  Do you have a customer service horror story?  Or a wonderful customer service story?  We’d love to hear them.  Please share via any of the usual social media outlets, or call us!  We’re listening…