Candlelight 3DL (thermofoil) is being discontinued as of March 1, 2013.  We sent a notification letter to the customers that currently purchase candlelight on January 8th.  We will retain a small amount of Candlelight foil for any add-ons and remakes.  After March 1st, we will replace Candlelight with a color called CANDLE GLOW.  A sample of this new foil is pictured below.  Candle Glow will be in category 3, just like Candlelight.

Candle Glow Board Match:

  • Tafisa L421 Candlelight

If you do not like Candle Glow, or it does not match your board, you have another option.  You can use our current stock color DESERT GLOW.  This color is in category 4.  Desert Glow is similar in tone to Candlelight; however it has a textured finish.  Desert Glow is in your current fan deck and is pictured below.

Desert Glow Board Match:

  • Tafisa L421 Candlelight

If you have Candlelight parts in your showroom, we will replace them with either of these colors free of charge.  We will also provide samples free of charge.

Please contact us as soon as possible regarding your choice, or if you need samples.

Via email:

Via fax: 586.468.4861

Via phone: 586.468.4765

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter!  To see our full line of standard thermofoil colors, please click here.