Things are changing at JB Cutting.  We are in the process of reorganizing our pressroom area to facilitate work flow, which has involved selling our Shaw Almex press.  If you’re interested in purchasing this press, please click this link: http://www.exfactory.com/Detail.aspx?recnum=PM-010320.  In the meantime, we’ve moved it to our facility across the street (JB Cutting East as we like to call it)!  In addition, we’ve relocated one of our drilling machines. This machine is also for sale; contact bfilthaut@jbcutting.com if you’re interested!  These changes have freed-up space in our pressroom for a new prep/glazing area, (see photo below).


This wall was erected to separate our new prep/glazing area from the router area where the majority of parts are machined.  This used to be a big, open space stacked with carts loaded with unfinished parts for drilling or waiting for another process such as line boring or routering to accept glass.  We still have a ways to go on this project but our target completion date is May 1st.


Another exciting event is the purchase of a new Weeke BHX.  This machine has a small footprint, only taking up 48″ of floor space.  It is also incredibly quick and requires one person operation.   Streamlining production is very important and this machine will help us produce more parts quickly!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this brief production update.  If you’d like to see a more in-depth production video, we’ve posted one at our website https://jbcutting.com/capabilities/cnc-machining/.

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