1.  Thermofoil countertops can be made with unique shapes and soft, seamless edges that don’t trap liquids or bacteria.

2.  Mullion (glass) doors are also seamless.

3.  3DL features a “cleaner” look than edge banded components.

4.  Unparalleled durability.

5.  Easy to clean and maintain.

6.  Cost-effective: achieve the look of natural wood without the cost.

7.  Available in a wide variety of styles from classic to contemporary – with matching accessories!

8.  Many rich, textured colors are available which appeal to all of the senses.

9.  One-to-one matches with a wide variety of TFM (thermally fused melamine).

10.  Backed by JB Cutting’s stellar customer service and our one-on-one customized approach!

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