Wouldn’t you like to forget about this cold weather?  Warm up with the latest addition to our 3DL colors – Summer Breeze.   This highly textured thermofoil color looks amazing in a monochromatic color scheme with beige, pink and light brown.  Or, pair it with pops of chocolate brown accents to turn up the contrast.

Summer Breeze Board Match

  • Tafisa L540 Summer Breeze

This new color, along with all of our available colors, can be easily viewed on our order page under the colors available section.  For your convenience, the colors are grouped by category.  Please click on them to view a larger version.  Note: the swatches may vary slightly from the actual 3D laminate.  We recommend viewing an actual sample swatch before making your final decision.  The page is available here: Colors Available

Also newly available is our suggested HPL and TFL matches list.  Please keep in mind that these are only suggested matches; to ensure an exact match, foil can be purchased with your order.  The foil is 50” wide and can be purchased by the yard.  The page is available here: Suggested HPL and TFL Matches

Even though it’s cold outside, using one of our warm thermofoil colors in your kitchen or closet will surely make your home toasty and inviting!