There are many options when it comes to grain direction.   Most are based on the design and look you want to achieve.  Do you want a traditional look or a very contemporary/modern feel for your project?

Our default grain direction leans toward a traditional approach with a raised panel design.  The grain direction is vertical (or in the length) for doors and horizontal grain direction (width) for drawer fronts.   See the picture below.

Does your design call for slab style doors with a contemporary/modern feel in grain direction?  JB Cutting can provide that as well!  If you want a different grain from our default direction, you will need to note that on your order form.  3D laminate film is becoming available in horizontal grain (typical grain direction is vertical).  Suppliers like SSI North America offer “Makassar HO” which is grained horizontally.  Pair this “turn” of the grain 3D laminate design with an S11 slab door and give your kitchen a very up-to-date European feel.

Whichever direction you’re headed, if you need assistance be sure to give us a call.  We’ll point you in the right direction!