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Top Products

Our Classic Line of 3DL Doors, Drawer Fronts, & Accessories

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3DL Colors for Applications Requiring Increased Durability

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Our Line of 5 Piece Profile-Wrapped Doors and Drawers

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TFL Edge Banded 5 Piece Doors to Exactly Match Your Next Project

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Membrane Pressing
CNC Machining
Cut to Size

Membrane Pressing

Membrane pressing accounts for 80% of our business. We utilize the highest grade of raw MDF to machine our component parts. The parts are sprayed with a water-based glue and pressed with rigid films from multiple 3DL suppliers across the country to bring you a selection of over 70 different colors.

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CNC Machining

Through the use of sophisticated software, custom components can be created per your shop drawings.  In addition to custom components we machine our own doors, drawer fronts and accessories.

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Our state-of-the-art Brandt 670 is a powerhouse machine that offers multi-functionality with several different stations to make sure your parts are of impeccable quality.

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Cut to Size

Our machines are at the ready to cut parts for your next large project.  We have a full complement of CNC machinery including a Holzma panel saw, several Weeke CNC machines, three nested based machines and two horizontal CNC machines.

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Relying on our edgebander, panel saw and dowel insertion machines; we offer assembling services for specific items such as cabinets, drawer boxes and 5-piece doors.

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