Exact color matches.

Handcrafted artisan designs.

Artisan is JB Cutting’s line of exact match melamine (TFL) doors and drawer fronts.  The Artisan Series is available in several styles: 45 degree and 90 degree shaker profiles, 3 Piece and slab fronts.  Sheets of melamine (TFL) are cut into stiles and rails.  Stiles and rails are doweled, glued, clamped and edge-banded around a 1/4″ thick piece of matching melamine (TFL).  3 Piece and slab doors are cut out of melamine (TFL) and edge-banded.  All core materials are 100% recycled CARB II compliant.  See below for styles and colors available.

STEVENS ARTIKA Artisan 5 Piece Colors & Profiles


STEVENS LEGNO Artisan 5 Piece Colors & Profiles