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Over seventy different colors. Twenty different profiles. Matching backs. Those are the kinds of options, combined with an industry-leading turnaround time and competitive pricing, that make JB Cutting a valuable partner for thermofoil doors, drawer fronts, furniture and display components.


Benchmark | Craftsman | Artisan Series

We make a wide variety of door styles in 3DL, 5-piece profile-wrapped and melamine (TFL) materials. From contemporary slabs to ornate raised panels or simple shakers, there’s a fit for any type of space.

Drawer Fronts

Benchmark | Craftsman | Artisan

We make a wide variety of door styles in 3DL, 5-piece profile-wrapped and melamine (TFL) materials. From contemporary slabs to ornate raised panels or simple shakers, there’s a fit for any type of space.



Moldings can transform a project, adding a high-quality, polished look to your space. We offer a wide range of profiles to fit your style. Available in 8’ lengths with no minimums in all of our 3DL (thermofoil) colors.



JB Cutting countertops are durable, seamless and affordable. With no need for edge banding, they’re perfect for closets, office desktops, store fixtures and headboards. Your creations can be ordered in various shapes and color combinations.



We also offer a variety of accessories to enhance your next design project. From multiple panels and beadboard to valances and wine racks, we’re your one-stop-shop for the finishing touch that sets your space apart from the competition.

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Benchmark Collection

JB Cutting’s classic line of 3DL (thermofoil) components for the woodworking industry. Doors, drawer fronts, moldings and accessories are machined out of a 5’ x 8’ sheet of 100% recycled, CARB II compliant medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Water-based glue is applied and one of our many 3DL colors are membrane-pressed onto the component parts.

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Craftsman Series

JB Cutting’s line of 5 Piece profile-wrapped doors and drawer fronts, Craftsman is designed to emulate the look of real wood, featuring multi-directional grain and matching backs. Best of all, this line perfectly matches many melamine (TFL) colors already in use by the industry. 9’ sticks of profile-wrapped, recycled core, CARB II compliant MDF moldings are cut into stiles and rails.

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Endurance Collection

Endurance is JB Cutting’s collection of 3DL colors for horizontal or vertical applications requiring increased durability. All of our standard 3DL colors can be used as tops, these select colors have a top coat for increased durability. 3DL component parts can be made with unique shapes and soft, seamless edges that won’t trap liquids or bacteria. Some of the best attributes of these colors: easy to clean and maintain, durable and cost-effective. Not to mention, their one-on-one matches with a wide variety of melamine panels (TFL). Achieve the high-end look of natural wood, marble or granite without the high-end cost.

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Get to Know Our Products

Artisan Series

Artisan is JB Cutting’s line of exact match melamine (TFL) doors and drawer fronts. The Artisan Series is available in several styles: 45 degree and 90 degree shaker profiles, 3 Piece and slab fronts. Sheets of melamine (TFL) are cut into stiles and rails. Stiles and rails are doweled, glued, clamped and edge-banded around a 1/4″ thick piece of matching melamine (TFL). 3 Piece and slab doors are cut out of melamine (TFL) and edge-banded. All core materials are 100% recycled CARB II compliant.

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What sets us apart

Built better

Established in the early 70’s as a finished cabinet company specializing in kitchen cabinetry, we bring a unique skill set to the business of component manufacturing. Our strong cabinet-making background allows us to knowledgeably assist you throughout the ordering and engineering process. Not only that, our years of experience partnered with the latest developments in technology, materials and processes deliver a wealth of innovative, 3-D laminated products. As well as the creativity, flexibility, reliability and superior service that go along with them.

Delivered sooner

With a four-day lead-time, excellent partners from the 3-D laminate and glue companies and an experienced and stable workforce, delivery isn’t an issue for us. We know what we need to do to get the job done right and on time. In fact, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality thermofoil components at an industry leading pace.

Designed to sell

Models, designs, profiles, colors, finishes… glazing, mullions, multiple panels… lazy susans, crown molding, valances, flutes, wine racks…we make it easy for you and your customers to get exactly what’s wanted.

Five-year guarantee

JB Cutting, Inc. will guarantee its thermoformed components for a period of five years from the date of purchase. This guarantee is limited to raw materials or manufacturing defects only. Normal wear, improper installations, misuse, negligence or exposures to extreme heat are excluded from this warranty. If a failure in raw materials or manufacturing is determined, JB Cutting, Inc. will repair or replace this product only. We will not be responsible for any cost incurred indirectly for labor, transportation or inconvenience.

Solutions for any space

3DL (thermofoil) is a trending alternative to traditional building materials. Deep wood tones, solids, super mattes, and high glosses feature sealed edges in any kind of shape you can think of – the sky’s the limit! Highly durable and cleaning chemical resistancy in addition to antimicrobial properties make specifying 3DL a no-brainer.


With limitless color and profile options for your kitchen, bath, closet and home organization needs, we’re your one-stop-shop for your remodel needs!


We offer commercial grade materials with scratch-resistant finishes, large volumes and prototyping.


3DL components can be made with unique shapes and seamless edges that don’t trap bacteria, keeping you and your patients as healthy and safe as can be.

Environmentally Friendly

When combined with the wide variety of innovative and durable decorative overlays available today, wood-based composite panels create consumer products that are a great choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.

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