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Amazing Applied Molding Doors


applied moldingAre you fascinated by true square corner doors but having trouble achieving the look?  Fear not!  JB Cutting has lined up three new types of Applied Molding Doors.  These doors have the 90 degree corners you’ve been craving at a fraction of the cost of “real” wood.  Let’s jump in and explore these three new profiles.


The first door above, on the left, is the N701 pictured in Diva 3DL (thermofoil).  One of our most popular styles, the N701 is the same as our former N700.  We’ve re-named it due to internal tooling changes so don’t worry if you see this on your confirmation instead of the N700.  Because of the time-saving new tooling, we were able to reduce the cost of this door.  The price has dropped by about $4.00 per square foot!


The middle door features a totally new profile: the N702.  This door is pictured in Aria 3DL (thermofoil).  The middle of the door is pocketed out and a 1-1/2” piece of molding is attached to achieve the true square corner profile customers are crazy about!


The door on the right features another completely new profile: the N705.  This door is pictured in Latitude South 3DL (thermofoil).  The construction of this door is a little different than the N702.  The door is pocketed out, but a raised panel insert is machined and attached to the center of the door.   Next, a molding is applied to the edges of the raised panel insert.  Finally, the completed door heads to the pressroom for the application of 3DL (thermofoil).

Turn your designs from ordinary to extraordinary today!  If you’d like to see samples of the N701, N702 or N705, please email or give us a call at 586.468.4765.


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