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Cruising in Comfort with 3DL


3DL Tray Top

JB Cutting’s 3DL (thermofoil) arm rests and tray tops have recently been cruising around the Motor City in style courtesy of Detroit Custom Coach.  Detroit Custom Coach owner, Chris Ramos, was looking to expand his current shuttle business by obtaining a party bus. Before he knew it, he was immersed in fabricating custom transport, from food trucks to a special vehicle for bourbon distiller, Jim Beam (see below).

3DL Jim Beam Transport

“It got really busy, so I sold my buses and started just building vehicles,” said Ramos, who grew up in Rochester, MI. “Then people started calling and asking if we could do food trucks. Now we have gotten our swagger down, and we can build all of these things.”

Born in the Motor City, vehicle fabrication and creating well-appointed purpose-built interiors come naturally to the staff at Detroit Custom Coach. Through their skilled craftsmanship, large vendor network and resources, Detroit Custom Coach can fabricate vehicles with confidence, knowing the end result will exceed expectations.  Our partnership works well because we at JB Cutting believe in the same principles as Detroit Custom Coach: superior solutions and exceeding expectations.

If you’ve got a project that would benefit from 3DL, please contact Debra Behring, or Christina Relyea,

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