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Distractions While Distancing


Extra time on your hands while social distancing? Did you order an incorrectly sized door? Instead of throwing out perfectly good materials, let creativity be your guide! Here at JB Cutting, we always have a surplus of doors due to R&D on colors and profiles, so we challenged our CSR Team to reduce, reuse and recycle. They’ve brought new life to products that would have otherwise been discarded.

JB Cutting CSR

CSR Ashley Brohl

By taking screw in hooks from one of my old DIY’s I altered a regular door into a jewelry hanger. This simple change didn’t take long and was an easy way to bring organization into my life. Another simple way to utilize material already found within your home is to glue a picture or faux flowers in the center of a door. Doing this gives the illusion of the door being a picture frame, which creates a modern twist on traditional wall art. The possibilities are endless with a creative mind and a look around your home.

JB Cutting Tray

JB Cutting Chalkboard

JB Cutting Picture Frame

JB Cutting Jewelry Holder

JB Cutting Picture Frame

CSR Kayla Farris

I took 10” x 12” shaker doors and changed them into pieces of home décor. I found that this particular size made a great picture frame, key hook, or any other type of wall art. I secured several different hooks, photo clips, wooden appliques, and vases to the doors with the help of E6000 and screws, depending on the design. The inspiration that I had for these projects involved my family, I wanted to make them something special for Christmas without breaking the bank. Not including the cost of the door, each project cost as little as 30₵ to $7. My family loved these gifts and I quite like the ones that I kept for myself. I hope my creativity will inspire you to design something completely different with any extra doors you have. Make sure to share your creations with us when you do!

Thank you, Ashley and Kayla, for coming up with these beautiful and useful ideas!  We’d like to take this time to thank all of the staff of JB Cutting for their support and flexibility during these difficult times. 

Stay safe and flatten the curve!

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