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Get Creative to Win Clients



A recent visit to the mall got me thinking about how to overcome the hurdles associated with selling.  Store A carried many beautiful articles of clothing, along with shoes and accessories, but there were no sales associates around to help.  No fitting room attendants either.  After finally finding someone to open up a dressing room, I tried on a few things, got frustrated with the lack of assistance and left without purchasing anything.

Store B was a totally different story.  Friendly help was everywhere!  Did I need shoes to go with those pants?  Perhaps this necklace or scarf would look great with that blouse.  Long story short, I ended up purchasing not only clothing, but quite a few of the accessories and shoes the sales associate recommended.

This experience translates to selling any kind of product.  Consumer spending may be down and clients may take a long time to commit or price shop your hard work at the drop of a hat.  However, if you offer a creative solution to their problems (like the sales associate offering accessories), you can overcome budgetary wariness and close that big sale!

Consumers are willing to pay for expertise and great customer service.  We take this philosophy to heart at JB Cutting and think you should too.  Is drilling your doors and drawers overwhelming?  Let us drill them for you.  Do you need a specific 3DL (thermofoil) color that’s not in our stock line?  We’ll help you find something comparable or bring in the color you need.  Your customer loves a certain profile that’s not in our catalog?  We can create something similar.  Need your product ASAP?  We’ll work you in – somehow.

Paint a clear picture when selling.  Solve problems and make lives easier.  Sell an experience, not just a product, and clients will flock to you!

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