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Let’s Talk Shop – Organization


What are you doing today to prepare for tomorrow? Slow times are the best times to push through continuous improvement initiatives and get ready for the future.

In the ever-challenging give and take of inventory management, JB Cutting has been taking this time to implement a lean (Kanban) system to support your needs. This will ensure we carry the right colors in the right quantities. The picture above focuses on our racking system and Kanban cards to organize sheets of MDF and melamine to help simplify the reordering process. Below is a close-up of one of the new cards.

JB Cutting Kanban

JBC is also working on organizing all 140 thermofoil colors (stock and non-stock).  Each roll will be labeled with a visual aid prompting replenishment as a double check of our ERP system.

JB Cutting Kanban

JB Cutting Kanban

The 5 Piece Door area is also receiving new visual inventory cues.  Easily identifiable red and green stickers indicate replenishment levels.

JB Cutting 5 piece doors

All crown, base, and accessory molding is receiving the same treatment!

A deep cleaning of the plant is underway, and the sample room is being organized and replenished with updated products.

No matter the size of your business, one of the easiest things to implement quickly and use on the daily are simple visual management systems.  It’s not just about housekeeping but adding the element of visual management – especially when assisted by technology, helps accelerate lead times, reduce remakes and keep everyone on the same page.

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