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Custom wood components built to your exact standards. Built better and delivered sooner.

We are committed to our customers by manufacturing quality cabinet components at an industry leading pace. With the use of membrane pressing, CNC machining & edgebanding, we’re able to easily & accurately create a product that is ready for any project.

At JB Cutting, we strive to establish relationships with our customers through value-added services that result in professional partnerships.

Membrane Pressing

Quality components made with contoured surface profiles & seamless edges.

We utilize the highest grade of raw MDF to machine our component parts. Our Wemhöner membrane presses have a 3 tray automatic shuttle pin system layout and are capable of pressing up to 48” in width, 96” in length and a thickness of 1-1/2”. We are not just a door company. Although doors and drawer fronts are a focus, we are also capable of pressing odd shapes, undercut edges and spill proof centers.

CNC Machining

Improving production time while ensuring consistent results for any of your project needs.

By means of Alpha Cam, Cutrite or Auto Cad we are able to draw, modify, download and produce code to run two Weeke pod and rail machines, a Heian 3 axis router, 3 Homag routers and a Vantage router. Most components are machined to shape and holes drilled on the Weeke machining centers. However, parts can travel back through after pressing to get additional holes or dowels on either of our Weeke vertical CNC machines or one of our two ABD 150 dowel insertion machines.

All of our doors and drawer fronts go through our custom designed order entry software that is integrated with CutRite nesting, and a custom labeling system. Batches are produced and transferred to the CNC routers via our network. Our door tooling consists of over 24 tools that can produce hundreds of combinations.


Increased durability to ensure your products last a lifetime.

Our state-of-the-art Homag and Brandt edge banders are powerhouse machines that offer multi-functionality with several different stations and hot air capabilities to ensure your parts are of impeccable quality. We offer edge banding services for up to 2” thick panels using PVC, wood or laminate edging in varying thicknesses from .018” to 3mm. Our banding comes from a variety of local and national sources. Color matching options are offered to nearly all North American produced melamine.

Cut to Size & Assembled

Our team is ready to cut & assemble parts for your next large project.

Relying on our edgebander, panel saw and dowel insertion machines; we offer assembling services for specific items such as cabinets, drawer boxes and 5-piece doors. We have a full complement of CNC machinery including a Holzma panel saw, several Weeke CNC machines, three nested based machines and two horizontal CNC machines.

Panel Saw Application

JBC is equipped with a full line of panel processing equipment. The process often starts at a fully automatic rear load panel saw capable of cutting 5’x12’ sheet stock. Sheets can be stacked to a maximum of 4”. Parts are labeled and off loaded with the help of an automatic lift.

Router Application

Five robust CNC machines support our wood component manufacturing team. Although older, our dual table Heian Router with a 5’x16’ maximum sheet size and 6” maximum machining height is a work horse and is equipped with a 2 position tool changer holding a total of 24 tools along with X and Y drilling blocks.


Relying on our edgebander, panel saw and dowel insertion machine; we offer assembling services for specific items such as cabinets, drawer boxes and 5-piece doors.

We’re fortunate to have floor space and a multitalented workforce who are able to service such requests.

Wood Components Built Better, Delivered Sooner.

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