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3DL Ascends to Mountain Rescue Aspen


Mountain Rescue Aspen

JB Cutting is pleased to announce that our 3DL (thermofoil) door and drawer fronts are going to be a part of the new Mountain Rescue Aspen Headquarters in Aspen, Colorado!  Mountain Rescue Aspen is a volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through backcountry rescue and mountain safety education.  Mountain Rescue Aspen was incorporated in 1965 as a non-profit organization and is one of the oldest search and rescue teams in Colorado.  JB Cutting’s one piece thermofoil doors will be featured in the kitchens, offices and lockers of the new facility.  Several colors from our line have been chosen, including:


Summer Breeze (TFL Match: Tafisa L540 Summer Breeze)


Latitude South (TFL Match: Tafisa L531 Latitude South)


Aluminum (TFL Match: L474 Brushed Aluminum)

Unlike other emergency response agencies such as Police or Ambulance, or even Volunteer Fire, there is no tax base or public budget for Mountain Rescue. They are 100% unpaid volunteers who raise the funding they need through the solicitation of public donations and applications for local and state grants.  If you’d like to donate, please visit their website

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