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New Perfect Matte Five Piece Finishes & Profiles


In 2023, JBC expanded its Craftsman 5PC door collection with the introduction of three perfect matte finishes. These additions were a total hit and even garnered attention in a Wall Street Journal article. Distinguished by their soft-to-the-touch texture, these perfect matte solids mimic the appearance of paint but boast the performance of laminate.

Traditionally, 5PC doors are crafted by wrapping the stiles and rails with treated paper, combined with a melamine center panel. Achieving a seamless match between these components can be challenging, as they undergo different manufacturing processes. Our perfect matte material revolutionizes this by covering the stiles, rails, and center panels with the same durable, 2-dimensional laminate, providing superior performance over paper-based products.

Following the successful launch, we are excited to announce the addition of two new finishes and the expansion of the Umbria profile to encompass all available finishes (including the originals).

Introducing Our New Finishes: Willow and Black

Willow | TFL Match: Arauco Prism SF255 Velvet or Uniboard 802

Inspired by the tranquil essence of the willow tree, this cozy taupe shade brings serene and understated elegance. Perfectly meeting the demand for neutral taupe in décor, Willow’s soft, warm hue can stand alone or complement other elements, particularly wood textures. Its versatility across various markets and design trends establishes Willow as a flexible and lasting option in the world of warm taupe tones.

Black Velvet | TFL Match: Arauco BLK100 Velvet or Tafisa Lummia PM203 Black

Black acts as a striking anchor, enhancing everything around it. Whether juxtaposed with crisp whites or vibrant colors, black introduces dynamic contrast, depth, and sophistication. It captivates the eye, accentuating colors and textures, thus creating a dramatic yet harmonious atmosphere.

Moreover, JBC is now offering our perfect matte 5PC doors in two profiles: Milan (formerly 4459) and Umbria (formerly 4741), with photos provided below. This simplification ensures that all perfect matte finishes are accessible in both profiles, streamlining the ordering process

Our perfect matte finishes are compatible with 3DL, facilitating the coordination of all necessary accessories for your design projects, including Crown Moulding, Valances, Wine Racks, and both Floating and Robust shelves.

We are thrilled about these new additions and hope you share our enthusiasm! Should you wish to explore samples of these colors, or any other options offered by JBC, please feel free to reach out via email at

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