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Back to Basics



Experiencing confusion regarding our recent branding into four product lines?  We’ve been answering lots of questions lately in regards to each line, so we thought we’d get back to basics and break down each of the product lines and highlight their individual characteristics.

  • Benchmark Collection = Thermofoil pressed parts
  • Endurance Collection = Thermofoil pressed parts with increased durability
  • Craftsman Series = 5 Piece doors (polyester)
  • Artisan Series = 5 Piece doors (melamine)

The COLLECTIONS include all of our thermofoil pressed (1 Piece) parts.  The SERIES include all of our 5 Piece parts.  Each of these lines have their own strengths and all of them are products we are glad to stand behind.  Now, let’s explore each line beginning with our classic thermofoil products, The Benchmark Collection.


What sets this line apart are the different thermofoil (3DL) surfaces available (Supermatte, High Gloss and Highly Textured) and the thousands of style, profile and color combinations you can create! Any 3DL color can be pressed onto any of the Benchmark Collection profiles, accessories and moldings.  The grain direction on this product line only runs in one direction, that’s why it’s sometimes referred to as “one piece.” Seamless edges are another benefit of this line and pressed doors have a “cleaner” look than edge banded components.  Click here to be directed to more detailed information.


An off-shoot of the Benchmark Collection, Endurance is a compilation of thermofoil colors with increased durability.  These colors are designed for horizontal (countertops) or vertical applications which can be made with unique shapes and soft, seamless edges that won’t trap liquids or bacteria.  Endurance components are easy to clean and maintain, cost-effective and match a variety of melamine colors.  With this collection you can achieve the high-end look of natural wood, marble or granite without the high-end cost.  Click here to be directed to more detailed information.


Switching gears, we’ll focus on our 5 Piece doors lines.  Craftsman is JB Cutting’s line of 5 Piece polyester-wrapped doors and drawer fronts.  Contrary to pressed parts, these doors are assembled using pre-wrapped sticks clamped around a 1/4″ two-sided melamine panel.  The benefits of this line are its closer imitation of genuine wood parts with cross grain and matching backs.  Since the sticks are pre-wrapped, the edges are smooth.  It’s also more heat resistant than thermofoil (3DL) and perfectly matches many melamine colors.  Click here to be directed to more detailed information.



Similar to the Craftsman Series, Artisan is constructed here at JB Cutting.  Instead of purchasing pre-made sticks, we cut them out of melamine (TFL).  For the shaker profiles, the sticks are edge banded and a slot is machined for a melamine center panel.  All pieces are then doweled and clamped together.  The 3 Piece profile has the same cut sticks, edge banded and doweled together.  The slabs are simply edge banded. The biggest difference between Craftsman and Artisan is that Artisan parts receive a final edge band on all four sides.  The major benefit of this line is that, since it is made out of melamine, it will exactly match your melamine components.  It also has cross grain and matching backs, similar to the Craftsman Series.  Click here to be directed to more detailed information.

All product lines include a five year warranty and are backed by JB Cutting’s stellar customer service.  If you would like to see samples or have additional questions, please contact us at 586.468.4765 or – we will happily assist you!

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