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Cold Comfort Colors


JB Cutting HQ is located in Southeastern Michigan where we are experiencing snow and record low temperatures this week.  The cold weather has inspired us to create a cool-toned winter palette.  Every season is special, and here in Michigan we experience all four!  However, there is something to be said for curling up in a pair of cozy socks with a cup of coffee while watching the snowflakes drift down from gray skies.

We love this simple take on the new neutrals paired with a strong blue as an accent color.  In fact, Behr’s 2019 color of the year is a similar blue called Blueprint S470-5.

If you haven’t used any of these colors on a project yet, you’re missing out!

From left to right:


Arauco Prism SF232 Ashen

TFL Match: Arauco Prism SF232 Ashen


Winter Fun

Tafisa Winter Fun M2004(Y)

TFL Match: Tafisa M2004(Y) Winter Fun


Mysterious (new for 2019)

Arauco Prism SF247 Mysterious

TFL Match: Arauco Prism SF247


Weekend Getaway

Tafisa M2003(Y) Weekend Getaway

TFL Match: Tafisa M2003(Y) Weekend Getaway


Northern Gray

Northern Gray

TFL Matches: Arauco Prism SF208/Tafisa L202/ Uniboard 805


Sunday Brunch

Tafisa M2005(Y) Sunday Brunch

TFL Match: Tafisa M2005(Y) Sunday Brunch

No matter what your color needs, JB Cutting has matches available to many of the major TFL producers product lines.

All of our colors can be easily viewed here: Colors Available.  Please click on each swatch to view a larger version, or contact us if you’d like to see a sample.

Don’t let the cold weather bring you down, embracing the naturally muted hues of the season will lend a subtle elegance to your next project!

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