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Craftsman Series Update: New Maximum Size


5 piece max size

JB Cutting is pleased to announce that we have expanded the maximum size of our Craftsman Series 5 Piece doors!  The largest door you can now order is 36” x 96” (previously 30” x 72”).  Go ahead and create that spectacular design featuring long doors.  Supersize it!

On the topic of large, all-encompassing design, check out this recent post by Denise Butchko in regards to big closets and big budgets.  She details how to give a simple estimate so your client remains realistic about their budget.

She’s also hosting a special “live” session entitled “Boutique Inspired Closet Design” on Tuesday, April 9th.  Who doesn’t want to go shopping in their own closet?  She’ll be chatting about how to discuss a budget for a large scale project before putting in long hours of design only to have your client reject with sticker shock!  Follow the link below to claim your spot.


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