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Exciting Egger Color Matches


New for 2022, JBC is pleased to announce a brand-new partnership with Egger Wood Products.  Egger is a TFL producer based in Lexington, North Carolina.  A relatively recent player in the North American board market, Egger places the needs of their customers as their focus.  They are constantly developing and offering innovative and complete product and service solutions.  They produce in Europe as well as the Americas, and market their products worldwide.  Technology and process optimization are at the forefront of their focus to streamline production and provide a smooth supply chain experience for their customers.  JBC has added matching doors, drawers and accessories in six Egger decors.

White Frozen Wood | Board Match: Egger H1290 ST19 | Suggested Back: White

White Frozen Wood replicates the look and feel of white-washed wood with a modern, elegant pattern that includes narrow cathedrals and a smooth woodgrain structure. This pattern updates traditional white woodgrains because of its cool gray accents and the narrowing of the cathedral grain pattern. Capture more market share with an alternative to solid white!

Natural Halifax Oak | Board Match: Egger H1180 ST37 | Suggested Back: Hardrock Maple

Natural Halifax Oak displays striking distressing with knots, deep cracks and highly textured grain to recreate a natural, authentic look. Popular for both kitchens and closets, Natural Halifax Oak pairs beautifully with modern materials such as metal, glass and stone. These effects make this attention-grabbing woodgrain ideal for large surfaces and perfectly replicates the look of an authentic wood slab.

Natural Carini Walnut | Board Match: Egger H3710 ST12 | Suggested Back: Cocoa Bean

Natural Carini Walnut features a classic walnut appearance with a modern touch. Its soft planking makes it suitable for small accent pieces as well as large surface applications. Natural Carini looks particularly modern with its gray undertones and works well with solid colors. Its Matte texture adds a natural feel to this woodgrain.

Hazelnut Tossini Elm | Board Match: Egger H1220 ST33 | Suggested Back: Cocoa Bean

Hazelnut Tossini Elm is an elegant and natural woodgrain, enhanced by a pearlescent base that provides depth to the graining. A modern brown with warm brown and golden accents, Hazelnut Tossini looks particularly fresh when combined with white and light solids, or elegant when combined with dark solids like black and brown.

Fox Grey Tossini Elm | Board Match: H1222 ST33 | Suggested Back: Ashen

Fox Grey Tossini Elm, a light cool gray with soft beige undertones, pairs nicely with both warm and cool solids. The embossed-in-register (EIR) texture is highly tactile, with matte wood pores and deep-brushed character. These effects, combined with an extra-large pattern repeat, deliver an authentic look even on large surfaces and convincingly replicates the look and feel of natural wood.

Grey-Beige Tossini Elm | Board Match: H1210 ST33 | Suggested Back: Ashen

Grey-Beige Tossini Elm displays beautiful color play that amps up any solid color it is paired with.  Another embossed-in-register texture, Grey-Beige has an iridescence that you must see in person! These effects, combined with the elegant cathedrals bring light and life to smaller spaces, perfect for the home storage industry.

Careful consideration went into selecting these six colors for addition into our current color palette.  All six colors are readily available in our Benchmark Collection of 3DL doors, drawers and accessories.  For samples or swatches on these or any of the colors JB Cutting offers, please contact or via phone (586) 468-4765.

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