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Find Your Hygge with our newest color: Ashen


Hygge is a Danish term defined as a quality of coziness and comfort that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.  Pronounced “hoo-gah,” there is no direct English word equivalent.  It’s the perfect cup of coffee in your favorite mug, wearing your softest socks, or enjoying a small gathering of your best friends.

Easy neutrals are one of the best ways to design Hygge.  These colors invoke a feeling of calm and stillness.

Arauco Prism Ashen SF232

Credit: @auntieclaras via Design Seeds

Winter is the most Hygge time of the year with candles, slippers, warm fireplaces and the latest addition to our color palette, Ashen.  Ashen is a match to the Arauco Prism Ashen SF232.

Arauco Prism Ashen SF232

JB Cutting is offering Ashen in The Benchmark Collection, our classic lineup of 3DL (thermofoil) components.  Ashen is currently in stock and is available with an exact matching back.

From Arauco:

“Developed as an accent but certainly viable on its own, Ashen belongs to our Accentz Series; a neutral palette of solid colors designed to complement many of our woodgrains and prints.”

Suggested pairings:

Arauco Prism SF232 Ashen

If you’d like to see a sample of this color, or any of the other 5 Piece or 3DL colors that JB Cutting offers, please contact us via phone (586.468.4765) or email  We’ll be happy to help you Hygge!

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