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Focused Finishes Minimalist Palette


In case you missed our announcement, JBC recently added 13 new finish selections to the Benchmark Collection of 3DL doors, drawers and accessories.  In our last blog post, we focused on part of the new launch, the Neoclassical Palette.  We’ve been breaking down the new releases into curated duos and trios that work well together.  The duos and trios are a jumping off point for creating smaller palettes of finishes for your design projects.  This post features the Minimalist Palette, a collection of muted greens and cool toned woodgrains.

Minimalism in interior design shows no signs of slowing down in 2023.  The world is constantly changing and people are bombarded daily with texts, emails, what’s app notifications, etc. Our lives are becoming even more complex and overwhelming at times.  To counteract the chaos, more and more people are making their home their sanctuary and retreat from the day to day.  The key to the minimalist look is a neutral and serene palette.  Less is more, clutter is removed with only the essentials or very special items on display.  “When you have fewer items in a space, each one becomes more important and impactful” say Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder at Arsight.  Clean lines and simple shapes create an airy and uncluttered vibe which calms and soothes the mind and body.

This curated palette includes:

Willow | TFL Match Arauco SF255

Free Spirit | TFL Match Tafisa L580

Celadon | TFL Match Arauco SF251

A full list of finishes is available at our website:  Please contact or reach out to customer care at 586-468-4765 for samples or swatches.  Stay tuned for more posts featuring our curated palettes as we roll into the cooler fall months.

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