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IWF 2016 Recap – Part II


We left off after a whirlwind Wednesday at IWF 2016, the International Woodworking Fair, in Atlanta, GA August 24-27.

IWF 2016

Thursday morning we awoke eager to hit the booth and meet and greet.  We had meetings with current customers, potential customers and everyone that walked by was greeted with a friendly hello!

After lunch, a color trend presentation was sponsored by one of our 3DL (thermofoil) manufacturers, American Renolit.  The focus of this enlightening presentation entitled “Wind Poems” was that the environment we live in is in constant flux.  Economically, socially and politically – change is happening.  It is no coincidence that color trends for 2017 are influenced by a natural phenomenon, the wind.  Specifically, three types:

  • Irresistible Movement – carries objects from one place to another, blowing leaves and seeds around (neutrals – beige/browns/burgundy)
  • Silent Transformation – how the wind shapes our world, carving out canyons (mango/coppers/golds)
  • Temporary Reflection – how the wind changes the surface of water (blues/platinums/greens)

Colors said to feature prominently in the near future: blues/greens.

IWF 2016

After the show closed on Thursday, we headed over to a retirement party given by Daubert (a leader in the adhesives market).  Much reminiscing was done and it was a wonderful send off for their long term employee, Dick Bramwell.  Dick, we wish you the all the best!

Friday morning dawned with continued excitement.  Full of anticipation, we made our way to the show.  Today was the day we met with Stiles about the latest and greatest machinery.  Specifically, machinery on the list for our upcoming total press room renovation.  We looked at a buffing station, automated spray glue line and a new press.  After lunch, we made our way over to the Tafisa booth.

IWF 2016

New for 2016 is the release of ten colors in the Sommet Series featuring the VIVA texture.  VIVA embraces Tafisa’s innovative design aesthetic, with a striking texture and a woodgrain structure that offers elegance and refinement.  What is most important is that VIVA is the solution the market has been searching for.  It is offered in 2-sided synchronized panels in 4’ x 8’ OR 5’ x 8’!  JB Cutting will be carrying matches in all ten colors in both 5-piece doors and 3D laminate doors.  Please head to the VIVA LOOKBOOK to see all ten colors.

We spent the rest of the afternoon combing the exhibit halls for exciting, new products.  Continuing on the synchronized theme, our 3DL (thermofoil) vendor Alfatherm is matching Tafisa’s new colors in a synchronized finish.  This means in addition to the panels being synchronized, so is the film!

Be on the lookout for some new profiles for our Craftsman line of 5-piece doors.  After stopping at the Olon Industries booth, and seeing all of the different 5-piece door profiles, we are ready to try something new for 2017.

IWF 2016

As we made our way through the exhibit halls the Arauco booth (formerly Flakeboard) really caught our eye, especially the launch of their new registered embossed Taction Oak Series. “Wood called. It wants its texture back.”  The five new colors showcase true-to-life laminated panels.  The oak’s natural characteristics are captured and replicated on the plate itself resulting in a finished panel that rivals the look and feel of authentic wool.  Taction Oak is sure to make a bold design statement.

IWF 2016

We wrapped up the day discovering the two coolest new products we’d seen all week.  Senseon Secure Access and Egger’s end grain edge tape.

Senseon’s invisible security access control makes key-lock operations obsolete.  Whatever your needs (electronics, money, artififacts, medication, jewelry) Senseon can secure it.  The company’s easy to install system allows for fast key card or fob access to both drawers and cabinet doors.

IWF 2016

Egger is a full-range supplier for timber and wood-based panels.  They live by their motto “More from Wood”.  They produce an extensive product range of wood-based materials.  We were very impressed by their Feelwood finish, a two-sided embossed-in-register texture with matching end-grain edging that really makes your designs come to life!


We headed back to our booth as they were announcing the Friday night close of the show.  We ended the evening with an enjoyable networking dinner with a current vendor.

Saturday dawned with the realization it was the last day of the show!  The day flew by and before we knew it, they were announcing the shut down of the show.  It was a exciting, almost overwhelming week, but a great chance to see current customers and make new acquaintances.   All the technology and products we saw were well worth the trip.

“Amazing show!  The energy that surrounded the exhibitors and attendees was nothing like I’ve experienced before.  If this is a sign of what is ahead look out!”

Debra Behring – JBC President


We’re already looking forward to IWF 2018!

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