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It’s a phone call no one ever wants to receive regarding their child.  On October 2, 2014, JB Cutting Production Manager Bob Skeltis received a phone call from his wife, Gina, which forever changed their lives.  Their daughter of three months, Laiken Ann Marie, unexpectedly succumbed to SUIDS.  Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome is the number one cause of death for babies between the ages of one month to one year old.  It’s a syndrome that has no answer and can devastate a family for the rest of their lives.

As part of their healing process, Bob and Gina want to shine a light on SUIDS.  They want to make people aware of the syndrome and develop more research into why SUIDS happens.  Please join us on September 19th, 2015 for “Links for Lakers” a golf outing and fundraiser in remembrance of Laiken initiated by Bob’s brother, Sam Skeltis.  The event will feature multiple auctions and a 50/50 raffle.  See links below.  Bob and Gina hope to eventually begin their own awareness group and help other parents navigate the aftermath of SUIDS.  Your generosity will not go unnoticed.

Golf Flyer – Links For Lakers

Hole Sponsorship Flyer


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