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The Low Down on Lead Times


production lead times

JB Cutting is known for its exceptional customer service and quick turnaround.  One thing we never want to do is promise something we can’t deliver. 

Current business conditions are good and we are seeing an increased interest in our products and services.  Previously, the majority of our door styles and colors have been at a five day lead time.  We are bringing more equipment in house and continuing to train more staff for added shifts.  We are anticipating that by the end of summer lead times will return to normal.  While we work through this transition, please plan accordingly with your installs.  Instead of our normal five days, lead times could stretch an additional 2-5 days depending on production schedules.  One thing is certain; the day we promise to ship, is the day your product will leave the plant.

Training new staff and installing new equipment takes time, and we are asking for your patience and flexibility during this growth period.  We thank you for your continued business!    

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