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The Low Down on Production Lead Times


production lead times

Can I get those doors in White instead of Black?  How long do I have to change my order?  My customer changed their mind, can I cancel my order?

We hear these questions often! In the past you’ve had 24 hours to review your order and make changes.  In the interest of speeding up production to get products to you quickly, we have recently changed this policy.  If you’ve received an order confirmation, your order is in production.  If you’d like time to review your order, we ask that you submit a quote for approval.

If you need to make a change after receiving an order confirmation, fees will be assessed depending on where your order is in our process.  The earlier you let us know, the less the fees will be, so make sure to give us a heads up as soon as possible!

While we’re on the topic of lead times, we’d like to clarify some of our product lead times.  The majority of our thermofoil styles and colors are a one-week lead time. If an order is placed by 10:00 am EST, it will ship one week later. If it is after 10:00 am EST, it will ship a week and a day later. IE: If we receive the order at 9:45 am EST on Monday, it will ship the following Monday. If we receive the order at 10:15 am EST on Monday, the order will ship the following Tuesday. The only exceptions to this are the following:

  • N700 (True Square Corners) Profile — this is a two­ week lead time
  • Glazing — this is a three­ week lead time
  • Artisan Series (TFL Edge Banded Components) – these are a two week lead time

If you would like a lead time shorter than the published lead time, please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. We also offer a rush service in which most orders can ship within a day or two of us receiving them. This service is $100 for any orders that are under $250, $250 for orders between $250-$1,000, and 20% for orders over $1,000.  We are very flexible and will work with you as needed. Here at JB Cutting, our focus is on the customer and we strive to meet your expectations without compromising quality or service!

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