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Luxurious Legno 5 Piece Doors


Stevens New Colors

JB Cutting is partnering with Stevens Industries to bring seven of their Legno Collection colors into our Craftsman Series 5 Piece Door line.  The Legno Collection was recognized by industry publications Design Journal and Archinterious as one of the best products of 2014.  The colors are very unique, beautifully matte, and feature a true grain texture with specific, individual characteristics that are very appealing.  Legno is split into three different categories: Tokaj Alder, Ash Palomino and Walnut Tiepolo.  JBC will focus on two of the three, Tokaj Alder and Walnut Tiepolo.

Tokaj Alder’s tight, yet full cathedrals give it a rustic feel, but the color still remains modern.  Please see below:

tokaj alder

Walnut Tiepolo is more linear with a soft, realistic feel.  Please see below:

walnut tiepolo

For a full list of all Craftsman Series colors and profiles available, please see the chart on the Order Page of our website, Craftsman Series Colors and Profiles Available.  We’ve updated it to reflect the addition of the Legno Collection. If you’d like to see samples of the Legno Collection or any of the other 5 Piece colors that JB Cutting offers, please contact us via phone: 586.468.4765 or email  We’ll be happy to send you some samples!

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