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New Profile Alert – N110




With the New Year comes a new profile for JB Cutting: the N110 True Square Corner Shaker Door.  Shaker doors and drawers are one of our most popular and versatile styles.  This new style features very square corners, unlike the rounded corners on the rest of our shaker profiles.  Also, unlike the rest of our shaker profiles, this door does not have an insert in the middle.  The door is pocketed out by our router (.25” deep) and then pressed.  If you are curious about the standard shaker process, please read this earlier blog post Shake it up with Shakers.

Shakers are really the best of both worlds; you can create a more traditional look with a beaded inside panel or a sleek contemporary style through the addition of modern hardware.  Add a backsplash of subway tile and you’ve got a truly transitional design composition!

If you’d like to see samples of the new N110, please email or give us a call at 586.468.4765.  Whichever design direction you’re headed, traditional or contemporary, shaker doors and drawers will not steer you wrong!

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