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Opulent Oaks


Arauco Prism Oak

New for 2020, JB Cutting is pleased to announce the addition of three new opulent oaks: Toasted, Charred and Seared Oak!  These oaks are reminiscent of high-quality handcrafted wood and are very adaptable to a wide range of projects.  All three colors are available in our Benchmark Collection of 3DL (thermofoil) doors, drawers, and accessories.

Toasted Oak Wf447

Toasted Oak | Board Match: Arauco Prism Toasted Oak WF447 | Suggested Back: Aria

Toasted Oak brings a sophisticated authenticity marking a departure from an overly distressed and rustic look.  Pairs well with another one of our newer colors, a deep navy called Mysterious.  We featured Mysterious in our recent blog post: Mid-Century Mysterious.  Mysterious Brings out the silver and blue undertones of this complex color.

Charred Oak WF446

Charred Oak | Board Match: Arauco Prism Charred Oak WF446 | Suggested Back: Black or Milano

Nearly black, Charred Oak is reminiscent of Shou Sugi Ban (the Japanese technique of preserving/antiquing wood by charring).  Using this color by itself, lends a huge impact to any project, see the locker project below.

Seared Oak | Board Match: Arauco Prism Seared Oak WF448 | Suggested Back: Cocoa Bean

A deep, dark, rich brown, Seared Oak envelopes you in comfort.  When accented with lighting in a man’s closet, the result is stunning.

Overall, these opulent oaks are extremely versatile and will lend depth and warmth to your next project.  If you’d like to see a sample of these colors, or any of the other colors that JB Cutting offers, please contact us via phone (586.468.4765) or email


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