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Peruse Our Quarter Inch Panels



Did you know that JB Cutting offers 1/4″ thick panels in a variety of styles, pressed up in any of our colors?  Lately, we have been receiving many questions on this key item from designers as it becomes a popular way to jazz up a closet, add detail to a mudroom or enhance a kitchen wall.  Below are details on how to order these versatile panels.

  • 1/4″ thick material is available in any size from 1″ wide x 1″ tall up to 48″ wide by 94″ tall
  • Pressed in any of the more than 80 thermofoil (3DL) colors JB Cutting offers
  • Just like our shaker doors and drawers, you can order it in three different styles: flat, standard beaded, triple beaded (beads run in the length/height
  • The face and all four sides will be pressed in the color specified, the back will be raw

So, when your design requires that little extra detail to make it complete, you have a small space to fill up, or you want to use this as paneling or beadboard, keep our 1/4″ material in mind!  This product can be used in countless ways in any space!

Photo Credit – California Closets of Mechanicsburg, PA

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