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Radical Reduced Rails


thermofoil doors & drawers

Oftentimes customers ask “why don’t my drawer fronts have equal rails?”  As you can tell from the picture, sometimes drawers are just too small to have equal rails especially if your handle is large.  It is standard practice here at JB Cutting to reduce all drawer front rails, unless you tell us otherwise.  If you like the look of equal stiles and rails and your drawer front size is above or equal to the minimum door size, just order those drawer fronts like doors!

Confused about the standard edge distances?  Not to worry, here’s a cheat sheet:

N200 – 2.4”

N201 – 2.25”

N202 – 2.25”

N203 – 2.25”

N204 – 2”

N300 – 2.25”

N301 – 2.25”

N400 – 2”

N401 – 2.25”

N402 – 2.25”

N500 – 2.25”

N501 – 2.25”

N507 – 2.25”

N701 – 2”

N702 – 2″

N705 – 2″

N100 – 2.25

N101 – 2.25”

N102 – 2.25”

N103 – 2.25”

N110 – 2.25″

What if you need a door with a 6” bottom rail?  Not a problem!  For a small programming fee we can manipulate the edge distances for you, please note the difference on your order form.  For detailed info, drawings and pictures, please download our brochure here.

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