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The Magic of 3DL Miter Folding


3dl thick shelf

3DL miter folding is used anywhere a thick, seamless panel is required.  Miter folding is a ground-breaking way of mitering the edges of two or more sections of 3DL pressed pieces at any angle.  This gives the piece a solid appearance when finished.  See illustrations below:


JB Cutting accomplishes miter folding by pressing pieces in 3DL, then routing a V-groove (miter) across the back of the piece, just deep enough to score but not all the way through.  After the pieces are grooved, they are covered with adhesive, closed and clamped.  This forms a corner that is seamless.  Unlike miter folding laminate or melamine, miter folding 3DL allows for a smooth and soft edge.  See the photo below for an example of a complex miter folding part in white gloss.  The finished box is on the right; the pre-assembly & pre-adhesive piece is on the left.

kohlermiterlMiter folding has many applications, here are just a few:

  • Table Legs
  • Soffits
  • Thick Filler Pieces
  • Refrigerator Panels
  • Various Thickness Floating Shelves
  • Column Wraps

**Not to exceed a 4’ x 8’ sheet

If you’d like to talk more about miter folding and what it can do for you, please contact Debra Behring,  Or give us a call at 586.468.4765.  Let us help you take your design project to the next level!

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