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Uniboard Stock 3DL Matches




Are you designing with Uniboard TFL?  We can certainly understand why!  They’ve recently brought out some gorgeous new colors.  Pictured above on the island is their H61 Intrigue.  From their brochure:

“Contemporary trends evolve around the combinations of sight and touch.  The evolution of TFL design has never been so exciting as this Uniboard product launch.”

If you’re using Uniboard and looking to pair the TFL with 3DL (thermofoil), we have stock 3DL matches for you!

Uniboard Color   JB Cutting Stock Color
Super White 113 Glacier White
Bourbon Cherry 204 Bourbon Cherry
Crema Cherry 206 Fusion X
Choco Cherry 207 Cocoa Cherry
Ruby Cherry 221 Windsor Mahogany
Sunrise Maple 262 Desert Glow
Sunset Maple 263 Cognac
Nova White 555 White
Port Maple 765 Port Maple
Cayenne Maple 766 Cayenne Maple
Sunset Grey 805 Northern Gray
Antique White 810 Soft Ivory
Nova Black 888 Jet Black
New England Almond 920 Almond Matte
Stainless 961 Aluminum
Port 965 Wild Cherry
Pear 971 Pearwood


Introduced in 2014, the four colors below are not part of our stock program yet, but we’d be willing to bring in small rolls should the need arise.

swiss elm skyUniboard H54 Skye

swiss elm darkUniboard H55 Mystic

swiss elm bleachUniboard H52 Riva

swiss elm ember Uniboard H53 Ember

All of our colors can be easily viewed on our Order Page under the Colors Available section.  Please click on them to view a larger version.  We hope you are enjoying Uniboard’s new colors as much as we are, the depth of colors and true to life textures are inspirational!

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