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Unique New Colors from Uniboard


uniboard k25 mimosa

Are you on the lookout for the latest colors and textures?  UNIBOARD, a North American leader of manufactured engineered wood products, introduced an inspired collection of TFL (board) this year at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta.  From their brochure:

“Our new styles encourage a lavish blend of nature and design, where colors and textures pay tribute to the pure elements found in the most spectacular natural settings.  Following a continuous evolution in our innovative colors and textures, this extension of the collection features luxuriously realistic and authentic styles, in warm, natural tones that bear a stunning resemblance to real wood.”

The new offerings are rich and stylish.  For example, the picture at the top of the blog spotlights Mimosa K25.  The light and clean colors of Mimosa soften the exposed brick.  Mimosa and its counterpart, Dalia K24, are true to nature walnut colors.  Dalia & Mimosa will be available in our 3DL Benchmark Collection.

uniboard mimosa k25

Also high on the list of hot colors, Sesame K02 pictured below:

Uniboard sesame k02

Sesame is part of a trio of zesty colors:

uniboard new colors

These colors are earthy – perfect for bold, contemporary spaces.  All three are readily available in 3DL (thermofoil).

How about a complex, versatile woodgrain with a low gloss finish – well suited for many environments!  Silverwood K06 adds texture to the island below.

uniboard k06 silverwood

Silverwood is part of another trio of woodsy colors:

uniboard new colors

If you’re currently using Uniboard, JBC offers matches to many of the colors in 5 piece and 3DL (thermofoil).  Please visit our website for an up-to-date list.

We think you’ll agree, the finishes and colors are stunning.  Which is your favorite?  There are so many elegant and stylish colors; it’s difficult to pick just one!

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