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Viva Tafisa!


Viva Tafisa

In case you missed it – Canadian board supplier, Tafisa, released ten new colors at IWF (the International Woodworking Fair) in Atlanta this year.  JB Cutting will be supporting all of the new colors in our 5 Piece Craftsman Series and our 3DL Benchmark Collection of doors, drawers and accessories.  Viva can be defined as “life” which is an apt description of the collection’s life-like, authentic wood appearance.  It is offered in 2-sided embossed in register panels in 4’ x 8’ and 5’ x 8’.  The unique texture and grain pattern are rich in character and will truly bring your designs to life!  Even better, Tafisa has worked exclusively with 3DL provider Alfatherm to make a synchronized foil which brings an added dimension when you’re designing in 3DL.

We’re impressed by the whole collection, here are a few of our favorites:

Winter Fun M2004(Y)


Winter Fun looks amazing when paired with current Tafisa colors Starry Night L762 and River Rock L538, both of which are stock colors for JB Cutting.


Sunset Cruise M2002(Y)


Sunset Cruise pairs well with Sundown L768, another JBC stock color.


Weekend Getaway M2003(Y)

Tafisa Weekend Getaway

JBC Super Matte stock color, Moonlight L761, brings out the grey undertones in Weekend Getaway, and adds depth to the woodgrain.

The full collection is listed below and a comprehensive look book is available on the Tafisa website:

  • Tete a Tete                         M2001(Y)
  • Sunset Cruise                    M2002(Y)
  • Weekend Getaway         M2003(Y)
  • Winter Fun                         M2004(Y)
  • Sunday Brunch                  M2005(Y)
  • Tea for Two                        M2006(Y)
  • Casting at First Light        M2007(Y)
  • After-Hours                        M2010(Y)
  • Stargazer                             M2011(Y)
  • Apres-Ski                             M2015(Y)

Hold your horses!  I’m sure you’re as excited as we are to begin this new program.  We are waiting for materials to arrive and will keep you posted as to availability through the usual social media channels.  In the meantime – what’s your favorite color???

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