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Be Bold With Robust Shelves


Looking to make an extravagant design statement without the extravagant cost?  JB Cutting has created a new miter folded Robust Shelf for when a slim shelf just won’t do!

By using a 2″ miter folded lip, the illusion of a thicker shelf is created, adding some real heft, making the shelf a design feature rather than an afterthought.


For a more in depth look at how we make these types of shelves, check out our earlier blog post:

The Magic of 3DL Miter Folding

shoe shelfDesign Specs:

  • Shelf construction = 2″ miter folded lip
  • Miter folded lip gives a thick appearance
  • Underside available in complementary colors
  • Available in all 3DL colors
  • Custom widths and depths available
  • Flip over for shoe shelf

Detailed specifications are available as a PDF:

Robust Shelving

If you’d like to talk more about miter folding and what it can do for you, please reach out to or give us a call at (586) 468-4765.


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